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A child’s natural & essential environment is his / her home and the first & best teacher, the mother. Nevertheless around the age of twenty months a child needs another environment, a wider field of exploration with other children, an educational and playful environment that caters to the needs felt at that time. And this is where ‘THE PRATHAMS’ steps in! Radiating warmth, happiness, enthusiasm and colour, this play school has been started with a spirit and a vision, committed to developing the initiative of children. In a mission that has taken it to excellence, the most important and decisive factor has been promoting the concept of joy in all its endeavours – be they natural, mental, social or emotional. For the all round development of the child it is essential that they do so with the full delight that comes with self awareness of sharing and caring, making it a joyful experience for both the teacher and the child. Children learn more and at a faster pace & speed during the pre-school years than at any other time of their lives. Here, they are involved in meaningful, challenging & enjoyable activities in which they can be successful and thus develop positive feelings about themselves and their ability to learn and play together. Here we encourage the young ones to find out answers themselves through the process of discovery. The first three years of a child’s life sees the most rapid changes than at any other time, due to all the new experiences the child has. He / she is constantly asking ‘why’ and ‘how’ as at this time the brain is the most flexible and prepared to learn. These early learning experiences are crucial determining factors and will ultimately affect how well a child will perform later in regular schools.

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