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  AC Class Rooms  

At the Prathams School the classrooms are bright and airconditioned. The furniture and décor of each classroom at The Prathams School has been designed for different student groups to facilitate improved teaching and learning. All the classrooms have individual lockers for each child to keep their books and stationery. The classrooms at The Prathams are also equipped with modern technological teaching aids like computers, projectors and smart boards. Use of cutting edge technology helps to make the class more interactive and the lessons more interesting.

  AC Transport Facility  

The Prathams school has made it compulsory for all students to avail the school van. The school vans are all airconditioned, and the children are accompanied by a helper. The children in the nursery and KG sections are also accompanied by a didi. Each van is equipped with a first aid kit. Safety and punctuality is top priority and the school does not compromise in any way on it. All steps are taken to make the journey to and from school smooth and secure.

  Advanced Computer Lab  

The Prathams School provides the computer education to the student. Computer education is most important nowadays. At Prathams there is Advanced Computer Labs. Every student is given a separate computer for practical in Prathams School. Computer teaching plays a key role in modern education system. Students find it easier to refer to the internet than searching for information in fat books.Computer facilitate effective presentation of information. Presentation softwares like power point and animation softwares like flash can be of great help to the teachers in delivering lectures.

  Yoga Classes  

The Prathams School Provides "Yoga" classes to the students. It emphasizes fitness. It is something that students of varying athletic ability can do, it does not require elaborate equipment, and it helps students do what we all need to do — let go of that tenseness in our shoulders, breathe, relax.

  Student-Teacher Ratio  

A student-teacher ratio expresses the relationship between the number of students enrolled in a school, or education system and the number of “full-time equivalent” teachers employed by the school, district, or system. For example, a student-teacher ratio of 14:1 indicates that there are fourteen students for every full-time equivalent teaching position.

  Smart Classes  

At The Prathams the smart classes also provided to the students. The concept of smart class education is indeed a blessing to the students of the 21st Century. This kind of visual is both eye-catching and young students can easily relate with them. This is because the audio-visual senses of students are targeted and it helps the students store the information fast and more effectively.There is the advantage of utilising much of the time wasted earlier in drawing or preparing diagrams on board and the time saved can be used in more important things.

  Games & Sports  

The Prathams organize the games and sports events in the school. The games are good exercises and help to build fine, physique for the boys and girls. They make them mentally alert and physically strong. Further, good health is one of the most important benefit of games and sports. Students learn to cope with difficult situations. By displaying their feats before many spectators, they can overcome their nervousness. Games and sports help building a sense of cooperation and team-spirit in an individual. Sports like cricket, football, etc. are won by the collective efforts of all the members of the team.

  Swimming Pool  

An indoor pool opens the door for sports opportunities that can be enjoyed throughout the year, without worrying about adverse weather conditions, such as snow, high winds or lightning. Whether a beginner or an experienced swimmer, an indoor pool allows every student to enjoy aquatic activities during physical education class. In addition to regular physical education classes, students can enjoy extracurricular activities, such as competitive swimming and water polo.

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