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A loving comfortable environment is equally important and THE PRATHAMS provides you with the same. Air-conditioned classrooms, activity areas, computers and multi media, latest audio-visual aids, splash pool, ball pool, safe and challenging outdoor play equipment, latest in toys and learning equipment, colourful books, story time yoga and lots more! Our broad based program is designed to whet the children’s appetite for a life time of learning and to spark off the thrill in contributing new ideas. For “true education after all is not the filling of a pail, but the igniting of a fire” and we believe that this fire is best kindled in the child’s early formative years. During this critical period, children develop essential language & cognitive skills required to learn, develop their ability to manage emotions & stress and learn to work & play with others We provide a rich, stimulating environment to satisfy the learning needs of children for the development of their social, emotional, physical and academic skills. We create an environment for the child that encourages learning with all the five senses and also aim to ensure parent participation as an integral part of the programme, thus make each parent more knowledgeable about their child's development, behavior patterns and positive guidance techniques.

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