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  Q1. What are the age criteria admission?  

Ans 1. The child must have completed two years and six months complete as on 1st of June, to get admission in Mini KG.

  Q2. How are children selected for admission?  

Ans 2. The school does not believe in putting children through a test for admissions.After receiving the application forms, the first list of children is put up through computerized random selection. A school visit is organised for the parents, to know more about the school. Based on the parents confirmation of admission, the second list is put up for the remaining seats.

  Q3. What are the school timings?  

Ans 3. We have both morning and afternoon shifts. The timings are as follows:
Morning Session: 8:00 am to 11:30 am
Afternoon Session: 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm

  Q 4. Do you accept children at Junior and Senior KG level?  

Ans 4. Admissions at Junior and Senior KG level are subject to availability of seats. At the Prathams, New admissions may be taken in Junior and Serior KG level only in case of vacancy.

  Q5. After completing pre-primary, will my child get admission in your primary school directly?  

Ans 5. After completing pre-primary, the admission in Primary is confirmed. However, please note that there is a separate procedure which needs to be completed in time so that we know that you want to take admission.

  Q6. Do you provide transportation facility?  

Ans 6. Yes, The school has own transportation vehicle. We provide the transportation facility for the students. And We also do connect the parents with the transport vendors and we also have a transport committee that monitors the vans and rickshaws.

  Q7. How often do you conduct Parent-Teacher meetings?  

Ans 7. PTM’s are held on the last Saturday of every month. It is compulsory for at least one parent to attend. Parents can also meet the teachers personally during the month, but by prior appointment only.

  Q8.What is the age criteria for admission into the various Pre-School programs?  

Ans 8. Criteria for admission of varios Pre-school programs:

  • Playgroup - From 1 year and 6 months
  • Nursery - From 2 years and 10 months
  • Lower KG - From 3 years and 10 months
  • Upper KG- From 4 years and 10 months

  Q9. Are admissions to the Daycare and Pre-School programs open throughout the year?  

Ans 9. Yes, the admissions for daycare is open all throughout the year depending on the availaibility of seats for that particular class. As far as admissions into Pre-School programs are concerned, Playgroup admissions are open for most part of the year again depending on the seat-availaiblity. But admissions to Nursery & KG closes by end of Setember in that given year. We open registration for the new academic session by March of every year.

  Q10. What are Documents Required for Admission?  

Ans 10. The documents required at the time of registration are as given below:

  • A photocopy of the birth certificate as a proof of age.
  • Four passport sized photographsof the child.
  • Two passport sized photographs of each parent & One family photo graph.
  • Passport sized photographs of the persons authorised to pick-up or drop the child other than the parent.

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